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MG342 - Flat For Rent In Beirut, Verdun, 20,000$ per year, 250sqm, 9th Floor.
MK683 - Furnished apartment for rent in Ain El Mreisseh, 150 sqm, 3rd floor.
MG716 - Apartment for sale, Sakiet El Janzir, Price 800,000$, 220 sqm, 5th floor.
MG737 - Luxurious Duplex for rent, 36,000$ Per Year, Ramlet El bayda, 472 sqm,9th and 10th floor.
AMH163 - Rare Apartment for Rent, 1600$ Per Month, Achrafieh, Sioufi, 220 sqm, 7th floor.
AMH407 - Beautiful Open View Apartment For Sale, Price 1,150,000$, 312sqm, 8th Floor.
AMH14 - Apartment for sale in Achrafieh, Sassine, Price 245,000$, 99 sqm, 1st floor.
MG838 - Warehouse For Rent In Verdun, 1000$ per month, 170sqm, Ground Floor
MG832 - Apartment For Sale In Tallet El Khayat, 450,000$, 185sqm, 4th Floor.
MG813 - Apartment For Rent In Tallet El Khayat, 220sqm, 1st Floor. $1,400 per month
AMH277 - 350,000$ Apartment For Sale in Achrafieh, 220sqm, -1 Floor.
MG523 - Luxurious apartment for rent in Beirut, Ramlet El Bayda area, 450 sqm, 6th floor.

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Featured Properties
New apartment for sale in Zalka, 240 sqm, 1st floor.
Apartment in Zalka
Apartment for sale, 240 sqm, 1st floor, new, 1 apartment per floor, sea view, located in z...
New duplex for sale in Ain Saadeh, 265 sqm, 3rd-4th floor.
REF: RR130
Duplex in Ain Saadeh
New duplex for sale, 265 sqm, 3rd-4th floor, high end finishing, sea view, calm area, loca...
Apartment for sale, Mansourieh, 205 sqm, 2nd floor.
REF: RR177
Apartment in Mansourieh
Apartment for sale, 205 sqm, 2nd floor,new building, view panoramic, double wall, double g...
New luxurious apartment for sale in Ain El Tineh, 290 sqm, 7th floor.
REF: MK802
Apartment in Ain El Tineh
New Luxurious apartment for sale, 290 sqm, 11th floor, located in the residential area of ...
Apartment for sale in Sin El Fil, 190 sqm, 1st floor.
REF: RA317
Apartment in Sin El Fil
Apartment for sale, 190 sqm, 1st floor, located in Sin El Fil area. Comprising living and ...
MG862 Good Apartment For Sale, Sanayeh, 154sqm
REF: MG862
Apartment in Sanayeh
Good apartment for sale located in Sanayeh, Moula street. Comprising living and dining roo...
Under construction apartment for sale in Tallet El Khayat, 236 sqm, 8th floor.
REF: MG490
Apartment in Tallet El Khayat
Very high end under construction apartment for sale, 236 sqm, 8th floor, located in the he...
Apartment For Sale In Achrafieh, Nasra, 162sqm, 6th Floor.
REF: amh292
Apartment in Achrafieh Nasra
Apartment for sale, 162 sqm, 6th floor, located in Achrafieh, Nasra area. Comprising livin...
Under construction apartment for sale in Hamra, 270 sqm, 7th floor.
REF: MK694
Apartment in Hamra
Under construction apartment for sale, 270 sqm, 7th floor, located in Hamra. Comprising do...
Under construction sea view 164 sqm luxurious loft for sale in Hamra, LAU, 13th and 14th floor.
REF: MK821
Apartment in Hamra
Under construction sea view luxurious lot for sale, 164 sqm, high standard, calm neighborh...